Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Athena: Sharing Current Research - initial Notice and Call for Papers

As promised in my previous message, of yesterday, here's the notice I put out via the Classicists List, together with a few annotations.

Initial notice and cfp

Friday June 3rd 2016 (provisional times - 10am-4pm). I'll confirm these once I have a sense of how many potential speakers there are - from initial responses, we look set to have a really good number, and range of participants.

Adam Room, Grove House, University of Roehampton, London This is an ideal location for the event for reasons I'll explain in a future posting.

*All welcome, especially postgraduate students*

This one-day event will share current research on a deity that has been a topic of interest since the dawn of classical scholarship and through its various ‘turns.’ The conference will appraise various ways to approach the goddess by drawing together researchers from the UK, France, Italy, and, we hope, elsewhere. The event takes place at a time of a resurgence of interest in the goddess (evidenced, for instance, by the 2016 edition of the journal Pallas devoted to Athena-related papers). The event aims both to reflect and appraise this renewed interest.

Envisaged themes to include:

  • Athena the networker – polytheism, the pantheon and the ‘Paris School’
  • Athena in the city – in antiquity and beyond
  • Gendering Athena
  • Attributes of Athena
  • Athena as warrior deity

Other suggestions welcome!

If you would like to offer a paper (of c. 20 minutes), please send title plus c. 200-word abstract to Susan Deacy (s.deacy@roehampton.ac.uk) by 30 April 2016.

Also email Susan Deacy if you would like to be added to the contact list for the event.


  1. If it's not too late to offer suggestion, how about something along the line of "Athena in modern neopagan traditions" for a theme? That sounds like one of those things that's new and interesting and have great potential to be multi-disciplinary, imo

  2. Thanks for this suggestion. I'd certainly be happy with this key aspect of reception as a theme!