Monday, 7 March 2016

The time is right - announcing new direction for this blog

I'm pleased to announce a new focus for this blog - at least for the next few months. I'm currently organising a one-day conference on Athena, to take place at Roehampton on 6th June 2016. I shall use this blog for news related to the event, for example about the venue and about the contributors.

The idea for the conference came about pretty organically. I'd invited a PhD student from Toulouse working on receptions of Athena to Roehampton to give a paper. One of the current Roehampton PhD students has already written a (soon-to-be-published) paper on the goddess. Another Roehampton PhD student will be giving an Athena-related paper at this year's Classical Association conference along with a colleague from Venice. So: I was struck that there were already, potentially, four papers. Then, another PhD student wrote to me, this time from Manchester Met, to discuss an aspect of his research that bore on Athena. At this point I felt convinced that the time was right for an Athena event. When, shortly after this, a second PhD student in France contacted me, I felt even more confirmed in this thinking.

I'm arranging the event with one of our research groups at Roehampton - the Renaissance and Classical Studies Research Group. There is also a potential fit with the newly established Violence Research Group in the Dept of Humanities, and with the well-established Research Group in Sex. Gender and Sexuality.

I sent a cfp to the UK-based Classicists List last week, and this has generated most-welcome interest. I'll include the text of this Call in my next posting.

I hope to share the names of the PhD students identified above in due course - I just want to clear with them first that they're okay with this...

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